Pneumatic valve india manufacture and export an angle type valves which is operated through single or double acting piston actuator and fitted in angled position within pipelines in various industrial applications.

These valves work efficiently in fluids such as air, water, chemicals and steam with a temperature limit of -15° to 180° C. Pneumatic angle seat valves are suitable for high and low pressure as well as vacuum industrial fluid control system.

Our angle seated valves comprise angle seat and disc in body. Our company has successfully cater leak-proof, rust resistant featured range of angle seated valves to chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, power plants and paper industries.


  • Pneumatic angle seat valve - Known for their performance and robust construction.
  • Excellent valve for Liquid, Air & Clean Gases.
  • 2 way and 3 way direct acting pneumatic angle type valve.
  • Single-Seated Pneumatic Angle Type Valve with Balanced Design.
  • High flow capacity.
  • Available for any control application.
  • Working pressure range of pneumatic angle type valve.
  • Suitable for High working pressure & High capacity.
  • Highly effective and robust.
Model : JYCV
Type : Normally Close/Open
Size : Range : 1/2” to 2”
Body : CF8/CF8M/WCB
Air.Pressure : 3.5 to 7 Bar
Working Press. : Upto 16 Bar
Working Temp. : 220° C
Ends : Screwed/Flanged/Triclover
Media : Air, Water, Oil, Gas & Steam