FRL is an air preparation device contains combination unit of filter, regulator, and lubricator units. Pneumatic valve india is an eminent FRL manufacturer and supplier company, situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Filter regulator lubricator offers finest sensing, regulation and filtration performance for various pneumatic system. It supplies air in best quality, as well as reduced downtime with simple assembly and maintenance.

Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRLs) are available in several different models: Individual components, Combination filter regulator, Two unit modular combinations and Three unit modular combinations.


  • Ranges up to 125 psig
  • Press type manual drain is standard
  • Modular or Pipe Mount
  • Dual Gauge Ports
  • It consists of Sintered bronze filtered element
  • Pressure gauges supplied standard with each unit
Model : JFRL
Body : Alluminium Press Die Cast
Size : 1/4” & 1/2”
Bowl : Polycarbonate with Metal Guard
Eement : 25 Micron
Oper.Press : Upto 10Kg/Cm