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We manufacture and supply inexpensive flow control equipment such as butterfly valves damper butterfly valves, actuator butterfly valves, motorized butterfly valves and pneumatics actuator butterfly valves for water, oils, gas and steam and the same.  The unique construction of butterfly valves boasts high strength and sturdiness for years of consistent performance.

Our butterfly valves are very preferred in the national as well as international market due to their noticeable features as their corrosion proof body material, high performance and extraordinary design.

The introduction of butterfly valve is maintained out by mean of our research and development department that supports company in antedating and answering to the requirements of the market in all over world.

Damper Butterfly Valves, Actuator Butterfly Valves India
Operatoin : Lever/Manual Gear
Design : Sureseal/Replaceable Rubber Lining
Ends   : Wafer Type
Size  : 40 MM to 500 MM
Design : Offset Disc
Operation : Lever/ Gear
Ends : Wafer Type/Double Flanged/Lugged Type
Size : 350 mm To 1200 mm

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Design : Sureseal/Replaceable/Rubber Lining
Ends  : Wafer Type
Size : 40 MM to 550 MM
Design : Offset Disc
Operaton : Lever/Manual Gear/Motorised Gear
Ends   : Wafer Type
Size      : 40MM to 300 MM
  • Materials used for manufacturing Butterfly Valves are Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PP etc
  • Media temperature for water ranges: 10oC to 130oC.
  • Closed end body.
  • Rotational Angle: 90o
  • Size range: 60mm - 300mm
  • Unbreakable pressed steel levers.
  • Low and Stable Torque.
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